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Delphine, 03.07.2024

The quality was very good overall,
thank you very much to your team 🙂

Lisa-Marie, 26.06.2024

Thank you for the final delivery!

Thank you for your support with this task and for the great collaboration!

Elina, 30.04.2024

Thanks a lot!
The client is happy with the result (I got the feedback).
Good job 🙂

Patricia, 02.04.2024 + 04.04.2024

1. Thank you very much for the punctual delivery.
The layout looks great.

2. Thank you so much for the very early delivery of the updated version. I also read your comment and think that everything was implemented perfectly.

Delphine, 01.03.2024

I would like to thank you and your team very much for the high quality of this file preparation; the document looks really good 🙂

Blanca, 06.02.2024

The files look amazing,
thank you very much for your great job.

Joana, 22.01.2024

Thank you for your immaculate work!

Susanne, 18.12.2023

Great work, as always. This text was not easy.

Pierangela, 05.12.2023

I have never had any problems with the files prepared by you.
Thank you for the amazing cooperation.
I will definitely contact you for further projects.

Juergen, 20.10.2023

I greatly appreciate the promptness with which you delivered the project; it’s truly excellent work and meets all of our expectations.

Stefanie, 03.08.2023

Thank you very much to you and your entire team for your great support!

Nadine, 14.07.2023

The team is magical, the files look absolutely great.
I am very happy about this!

Sabrina, 19.04.2023

Thank you very much for your fast delivery.
I checked the file and you did a very good job.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate to work with you always.
You can always be counted on.

Blanca on 15.03.2023

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent and accurate work, as well as for the kindness you have always shown in the communication.

Tânia on 03.02.2023

You guys are great! Superfast and responsive. How I love that!

Jörn on 16.01.2023

Thanks a million for your fast help and the perfect work!! 🙂

Maksym on 08.12.2022

Thank you very much for the outstanding job!

Sascha Ringel – RD-Verlag – Fachverlag für präklinische Medizin

We have always experienced Nama Solutions as an extremely reliable, highly committed and absolutely competent business partner, who also carried out the assigned orders on schedule. In our almost ten years of publishing activity, we have never had such a reliable partner by our side and therefore we greatly appreciate our business partnership.

Deborah A. Landry

Your pricing makes us very competitive and/or gives us a good margin. Your quality is also good and the fact that we have to go back and forth sometimes is normal as well. We’ve had high-priced Germans who do half as good a job! We are truly appreciative.

Gabriele Francois

Guys! I’m impressed! Finally found someone who is familiar with the layout of texts: indenting, line spacing, tables – at the glance, everything is perfect and fortunately is the same on the second and third. Thank you so much for your great work!

Xiya Deng

I appreciate your team’s quick turnaround. All in all, I had a very good experience with your team.

Alexander Bolberitz

It was an astonishing work. Easy workflow, fast reactions and perfect results. Never had such an easy DTP-project before. Great! Many thanks to the team.


We’re glad with the timely & professional assistance that you & your colleagues have been providing us so far and we hope to work a lot more with you in the upcoming period.


We are extremely satisfied with Nama Solutions professional services. They offer a quick turnaround and an excellent quality at competitive rates. We definitely recommend them.

Monika Berger

Many thanks for your perfect job. Also many thanks to all the hints and adjustments you realized. Keep the good work up!