Preparation and optimisation of data

The prerequisites for an efficient translation process are complete and error-free data. We analyse your source texts, verify their completeness, eliminate deficiencies, inspect fonts and graphics, and hence create the perfect preliminary stage for translation. By incorporating CAT tools, the data is optimised, segmentations are controlled, internal tags are reduced, charts, graphics and links are checked etc. before the translation.

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Editing and conversion of data

Closed file formats, e.g. PDF, limit the optimal use of data, slow down work processes and considerably increase the amount of work. We manually create open files, edit and format them, making them ready for translation. We extract and insert all relevant content of illustrations, drawings, graphics and data sheets, and integrate them into the translation workflow as the basis for a complete foreign language version.

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Foreign language typesetting and DTP

Typographic peculiarities due to the font, language expansions because of longer words and necessary paraphrasing, language-specific conventions for punctuation, notation of numbers and units of measurement – a lot of criteria that not only complicates the translation process but also considerably influences the visual appearance of the final document.

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Post processing of data

After the translation is often before the translation. Language characteristics change text lengths and sequences, which can lead to word wraps as well as column and page breaks in the target document. Texts, graphics and illustrations may overlap, which not only impairs readability but also ruins the overall professional appearance. Not only that, at times some content is left untranslated and is therefore still present in the source language.

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Alignment of existing translations

The preparation and entry of existing translations into a translation memory is enormously cost-intensive and time-consuming. With our alignment skills and experience, we analyse your source and target documents, create the segments, allocate them to the languages and verify the exact match of the sentence segments.

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Editing of images and graphics

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Impressive pictures and graphics elicit an emotional response and increase the recognition value. Realizing this requirement of our clients, we went beyond working with texts and added this service to our portfolio. With our digital image editing capabilities, we release your photos, eliminate annoying components, correct colours and create new backgrounds according to your specifications.

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