Post processing of data

After the translation is often before the translation. Language characteristics change text lengths and sequences, which can lead to word wraps as well as column and page breaks in the target document. Texts, graphics and illustrations may overlap, which not only impairs readability but also ruins the overall professional appearance. Not only that, at times some content is left untranslated and is therefore still present in the source language.

From your translation, we compile documents and print materials in perfect conformity with the original. Language expansions are compensated, correct/compatible fonts are used, formatting is adjusted, hyphenations are checked, table of contents are updated, and graphic elements are linked and positioned exactly. Client specific style guides and rules, if available, are always referred to as the basis for this along with language dependent parameters. With our experience, we guarantee the professionalism of your target document for right to left languages as well.

After the final proofreading process has been completed, the corrections marked are updated in the open file. Based on the client’s workflow and requirements, the corrections are also updated directly in the translation memory to ensure consistency of the terminology for future projects.